Dementia Diagnosis Days

Rossendale Hospice says:
This service is for those who have recently been diagnosed with memory issues and are looking for help.

For those who have managed their symptoms for some time, other resources are available.
This is also a time to support those caring for those living with dementia, by providing a link to the services available in the Rossendale area, a time to talk to others in the same position, to access support for themselves, and also much needed regular respite.

Family members and carers of our patients are as affected by the changes as our patients, so it is vital to give them the help they need too.

How do I access this service?
We offer our Dementia Diagnosis Days as a free 12 week course. This allows our patients and their carers time to adjust to the new diagnosis and learn tools and tips to move forward positively.

This is a rolling course, so they start when is right for the patient with no need to wait for a new 12 week programme to begin. This means the patient and their family can get the help they need when they need it most.

Patients can be referred by their GP, district nurses, memory clinic, or family members.

Sessions are run every Friday at Rossendale Hospice by our trained team of nurses and support workers.
You can email for more details.

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